About 455

Changing the way you do business

455 is a unique service which puts your organisation’s marketing, advertising and customer service information on one centralized location, accessed through an easy-to-remember phone number.
Using IVR (Integrated Voice Response) technology, 455 provides a simple, effective way for your customers to reach you without requiring heavy financial or human resource investment by your organisation.

Executive Summary

455”  is a short-code designed for business customers, where clients are provided a 4 digit extension in conjunction with the initial “455.” In due course, this code will be common to all Mobile Network Operators in Afghanistan. Example: Alef Technology’s “telephone” number will be 455 1000, which the company will use in all marketing collateral, TVCs and radio ads. Callers will dial the number “455,” they will be prompted to dial the 4 digit extension, in this case “1000”  and then they will be linked to the IVR menu of Alef Technology. Clients will have their own unique menus created for them for their own 455 numbers. They can have basic information, voice messages, prompts in various languages, etc. The applications are only limited by imagination of the client.

Value Proposition:

For the caller:

  • Easier to remember contact numbers.
  • Streamlined and consistent service.

For the business:   

  • One identifiable number for all marketing, sales, customer service platforms.
  • Ability to focus on core business.
  • Regular reports for tracking and monitoring.